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Transform Your Communication, Transform Your Impact

Communication, Clarity, and Culture
Form the foundation of our coaching sessions, workshops, and programs at Elpis Labs.

About Your Coach

Lisa Patti

Lisa Patti, MS, CCC-SLP, brings a unique blend of expertise as a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist and a seasoned communication mentor. With a deep understanding of speech anatomy, neuroanatomy, and the nuances of language expression and comprehension, Lisa founded C3Speech, a platform dedicated to enhancing communication across cultures.

Lisa Patti


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Unlock your communication potential through personalized one-on-one sessions with Lisa. These sessions are tailored to address a wide range of goals, including but not limited to:

Crafting and delivering impactful pitches and presentations


Utilizing your voice to convey emotions and credibility


Enhancing clarity and reducing accents for confident communication


Mastering body language and facial expressions for a stronger presence


Integrating cultural nuances into your communication strategy

Programs We Offer

Connect Your Voice To Your Story


A comprehensive journey through vocal exercises, cultural understanding, and presentation skills.


Vocal Presence

Elevate your personal brand with techniques to project your voice and convey your message powerfully.


Clarity/Accent Reduction

Tailored exercises to improve your pronunciation and understanding of North American English.


Confident Communication for Women

Addressing unique challenges women face in communication with practical, empowering solutions.



The Pitch Intensive

Actionable feedback and intensive coaching to perfect your startup pitch for US audiences.


Technically Speaking Intensive 


Specialized coaching for technical professionals to communicate complex ideas clearly to non-technical audiences.


Why Choose Us?

Lisa Patti's unique approach combines her clinical background with a deep passion for cultural diversity and effective communication. At Elpis Labs, we believe in providing a supportive environment where you can explore and refine your communication style, leading to more meaningful connections and professional success. 


Engage in interactive, fun, and insightful workshops designed to address specific communication challenges.

What The Voice Really Says - The Unconscious Bias of Voice

Explore the impact of voice and accent biases and strategies to overcome them.


Group Presentation Practice

A safe space to practice and refine your presentation skills with real-time feedback.


Communication on Global Teams

Utilizing the Global DISC™ Assessment to improve team communication and inclusivity.

Ready to elevate your communication?

Let's connect, communicate, and transform together.

New Arrivals

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