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Innovation immersion business tours with curated networking opportunities


We help traditional companies take full advantage of the new technological wave to transform themselves into technology-powered businesses. Our clients include hundreds of top executives and board directors of Fortune 2000 companies, who are successfully revolutionizing their companies. It’s time now for you to join this movement.

Our Transformation Programs, available online and in person in Silicon Valley, connect executives with the latest emerging technologies and disruptive trends in their industry, teaching them how to turn those disruption threats into opportunities for growth and innovation. Our Programs include online education, industry research, expert consulting, and corporate training from Silicon Valley’s top companies and leading experts.

We have over two decades of experience working in Silicon Valley. No matter where you are in the world, we can connect you to the groundbreaking work taking place here. There is no need to travel; let us be your trusted partner in the world’s leading innovation ecosystem and bring the best of that ecosystem to you.

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Discover the latest innovations in your industry and get to know the people driving them.

Our services 


For the past decade, we have been at the forefront of the innovation landscape in the USA, hosting hundreds of events, managing numerous innovation projects, and screening thousands of startups.


We have cultivated a worldwide network of industry connections and deep industry knowledge that we utilize to build high-impact innovation programs that transform ambition into action across continents and industries.


Our goal is to enable our clients to meet leading innovators in their industry and experience innovation first-hand, applying these insights to drive innovation within their own businesses and organizations.

Our Services

Who you will meet:


Get to know the BIG players

Experience innovative practices firsthand, engage in discussions, and ask questions directly to executives of most innovative companies in your field.

  • Office tours and executive meetings with industry leaders

  • Meetings with government representatives managing innovation programs

  • Visits to prominent universities and research laboratories

Discover venture capital ecosystem

Get to know recent trends and latest technologies from investors in your field.


Meet top Startup Accelerators, VC funds & US Innovation Ecosystem Builders.

  • Fireside chats and dinners with venture capital firms and angel syndicates

  • Visits to industry focused accelerators and innovation hubs

  • Investor dinners & networking events


Meet startups & industry innovators

Discover the most promising and innovative startups making waves in your industry.

Meet with startups emerging disruptors to your industry

  • Attend demo days and product launches showcasing cutting-edge technologies

  • Learn about the latest trends and breakthroughs directly from startup founders

  • Meetings with visionary founders and dynamic startup teams

Cultural immersion

Discover local heritage & culture blend cultural immersion in your trip to gain new perspectives and create lasting memories with your team.

Explore nature in most scenic national parks, our landmark buildings, organizations and museums, fine dining or sing karaoke at a local bar.

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We will work with you to design a tailored program that specifically meets the needs of your organization. 

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the ecosystem

Forge valuable partnerships

Engage in high-quality networking

Experience the latest innovation practices firsthand

Schedule call with us

And we will develop a tour itinerary for your industry and company goals

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