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L’Oréal: incorporating water saving technology in hair salons

Updated: 6 days ago

ESG investing, L’Oréal: incorporating water saving tech

ESG investing isn't just about where the money flows; it's about influencing substantial positive changes within industries.

In a world increasingly driven by sustainability and ethical investments, ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) investing has emerged as a beacon for individuals and corporations alike, aiming to align their investment strategies with their values. While ESG investing focuses on supporting companies committed to positive environmental, social, and governance practices, it's also proving to be a lucrative strategy that doesn't compromise on returns.

A Triple Win: For Investors, Society, and the Planet

The benefits of ESG investing are manifold. For investors, incorporating this criteria offers a more comprehensive view of a company's health and future performance potential. By identifying companies that are leaders in sustainability, social responsibility, and governance, investors can align their portfolios with firms poised for long-term success, while simultaneously mitigating risks associated with environmental liabilities, social discontent, or governance scandals.

For society and the planet, the impact of this type of investment is transformative. By funneling capital towards companies that prioritize sustainable environmental practices, ESG investing drives corporate efforts to combat climate change, reduce pollution, and conserve resources. On the social front, it rewards companies that champion diversity and inclusion, employee well-being, and community engagement. Furthermore, strong governance practices ensure that companies are run ethically, transparently, and in the best interests of all stakeholders, not just shareholders.

Beauty Tech

The unique technology behind the Water Saver enables hair salons to slash water usage by up to 69% without compromising the quality of the client's experience. Already, this innovation has reached over 10,000 salons across Europe and the Middle East, saving upwards of 182 million liters of water. L'Oréal's vision extends to deploying this sustainable solution in over 200,000 salons globally.

This acquisition is not L'Oréal's first engagement with Gjosa; the beauty giant initially invested in the tech pioneer in 2021 through its BOLD venture capital fund. This deeper integration reinforces L'Oréal's commitment to its "L'Oréal for the Future" initiatives, emphasizing a science-based, comprehensive approach to water stewardship and respect for the environment.

What makes this partnership even more compelling is the shared vision and commitment to not only conserve one of our most precious resources — water — but also to enhance the beauty experience through technology. L'Oréal and Gjosa are setting new standards for how companies can drive environmental sustainability in tandem with consumer satisfaction.

ESG investing, L’Oréal: incorporating water saving tech

As we navigate the complexities of our global environmental challenges, stories like L'Oréal and Gjosa's partnership serve as a beacon of hope and a model for future corporate endeavors. It's a testament to the power of ESG investing to drive significant, positive change, offering a roadmap for how companies can responsibly innovate while contributing to a sustainable future.

In embracing these principles, businesses not only enhance their own sustainability and profitability but also contribute to the broader goal of a more sustainable and equitable world.

A reminder that the future of business lies in the balance of profit, people, and the planet.


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