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Money talks: Corporate play in the banking segment

Inovabra Bradesco

This CVC focuses on cutting-edge technologies including cognitive computing, AI, and big data analytics. It is particularly engaged with projects that enhance digital banking platforms, such as credit recovery and online loans. Operating out of São Paulo, Brazil, Inovabra Bradesco aims to innovate within the financial sector through strategic investments from Seed to Series B rounds. Their investment history includes leadership in the majority of their projects, illustrating a robust engagement with their portfolio companies.

Citi Ventures

Based in San Francisco, USA, Citi Ventures is deeply integrated into the FinTech and digital commerce ecosystems. Their interests span a wide range of sectors from AI and data science to customer experience enhancements and digital asset technologies. With a significant number of total investments and exits, Citi Ventures supports its portfolio companies through a broad spectrum of development stages from Seed to Series D, emphasizing their commitment to both emerging and established innovations.

HSBC Ventures

Located in London, England, HSBC Ventures demonstrates a keen focus on security, operational efficiency, and emerging technologies like quantum computing and IoT. The firm invests in solutions that offer advanced cybersecurity, data management, and no-code development platforms, reflecting a strong inclination towards enhancing banking access and efficiency through technology. Their strategic investments are primarily in early to mid-stage companies, with a significant percentage of investments as the lead investor.

The final image provides a composite view, highlighting the role of these leading CVCs in the banking industry. It underscores their collective influence and individual contributions to fostering innovation and technology-driven solutions within the financial sector.

These overviews not only outline the operational bases and focus areas of each CVC but also reflect their strategic importance in the broader context of banking and financial services innovation.


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