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Leap Travel

Inspiration innovation travel tailored to your business KPI's

Creating travel experiences that foster professional growth, strategic networking, and innovative breakthroughs.

What You'll Experience

Tailored Itineraries
High-Level Networking
Startup Showcases
Industry Immersion
Personalized Follow-Up
Lasting Connections
Exclusive Industry Access

​Gain insider access to a vast network of industry leaders and innovators. From private roundtables with C-suite executives to startup showcases, we curate experiences that inspire and drive forward-thinking.

Tailored Strategic Engagements

We understand the importance of strategic engagement in achieving corporate objectives. Our itineraries are meticulously planned to include meetings and events that offer direct insights and opportunities from industry leaders and innovators.

Post-Travel Support

Designed to help clients capitalize on the connections and insights gained during our events. Facilitating connection contacts, personalized follow up and Feedback review


Designed for top executives and business owners, this tour facilitates the development of deeper connections, fostering lasting relationships and unlocking opportunities for business expansion.

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Born from a coalition of venture capital investors, corporate strategists, and innovation consultants, specializes in creating travel experiences that foster professional growth, strategic networking, and innovative breakthroughs.

Anastasia Lykova
Anastasia Lykova
Elena Kareva
Elena Kareva
Ben Reiter
Ben Reiter

We screened thousands of startups for global VC funds, run startup acceleration programs for over 300 startups, and hosted hundreds of events, panel discussions, hackathons, and fireside chats in venture capital, corporate innovation, and tech fields.

Whether you're looking to immerse yourself in the startup ecosystem, explore venture capital opportunities, or ignite corporate innovation within your organization, we are your gateway to unparalleled insights and opportunities.


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220 E 23rd St, Suite 400, New York, NY

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