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21-Day Trip across the US
VC and Startup Ecosystem

This 21-day trip across the US VC and startup ecosystem includes visits to established tech hubs, including New York City, Boston, San Francisco and Silicon Valley. It covers a range of activities from visiting the top startup accelerators and venture capital firms to exploring the values and cultural specifics of the USA. The itinerary also includes visits to prominent universities, such as MIT and Stanford, and meetings with local angel investors and venture capitalists.

Top Accelerators & VCs - Top World Universities - Tech Giants - Cultural Inmersion


Tour featured:

  • Top Startup Accelerators & US Innovation ecosystem builders: YCombinator, Techstars, Plug & Play HQ, MassChallenge, New Labs and more

  • Top universities: MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Columbia

  • Tech giants: META, Apple, Uber, Google, PitchBook, At&T

  • Explore Government initiatives: New York City Economic Development Corporation, San Francisco Chamber of Commerce

  • Cultural immersion: United Nations HQ, Yosemite National Park, Sequoia National Park

Our business tour are completely customizable and with curated networking opportunities

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