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We help startups gain momentum

On-demand startup advisory, connecting startups to their clients, corporate partners and VCs


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Why On-demand?

Over the years we have worked with 600+ startups running startup accelerators at Starta VC, Techstars and CUNY.


While accelerators add great value to startup’s growth, sometimes founders just need to get things done.


At Elpis Labs, we assist startups in gaining momentum by boosting their B2B sales and supercharging their fundraising efforts.


We can also connect you to your dream corporate partner and run an Innovation Challenge together 💜

Our Approach

Lean, Committed to Your Success and Founder-Friendly

Traction and funding go hand in hand. Demonstrating steady growth is key to attracting investors, and securing funding enables you to achieve your next milestones. We're here to assist you with either or both, tailored to your needs.

B2B Biz Dev Lab

Consider Us Your Interim CBDO Building Your B2B Sales Machine 🚀🚀🚀


Customer Discovery


Cold Outreach Setup

We will talk to your target customer's profiles from our network to collect their honest feedback about your product. We will analyze it and pass it on to you.

We will set up and automate your b2b cold outreach, test different messaging, segment your leads. We will start slow  and gradually increase the numbers.


Helping You Sell


Lead Analytics and Insights

We will  lead all email communication until the client takes the first call, we will join you on the first few calls to help your manager refine & test the sales pitch. All communication will be saved to your CRM system.

We will help you understand your ICPs (who in the company and for what reasons would use your product) and everything about them. Based on that data we will brainstorm new ideas or product positioning together. 


Pitch Deck revamp & startup "packaging"


Pitch prep and VC mock interview


Fundraising strategy and terms


Investor outreach (warm & cold)


Effective investor communications

VC Fundraising Lab

Traction and Funding 

are key factors distinguishing the 5% of startups that succeed from 95% that fail.

Get insider VC expertise to streamline your Pre-Seed or Seed round fundraising 🤓😎
Get our list of 78 questions VCs ask 

78 questions VCs ask

We've curated a list of 78 essential questions that VCs might ask startups. It's crucial to have answers ready for these. You're welcome!

Thank you! Please check your email for a copy of the list!

“The Innovation Challenge makes us founders think about an innovative solution in a short period of time and present it in an effective way, which helps us solve real-world problems in a large corporation’s context. It helps us become better founders. I really recommend all future events by Elpis Labs.”

Max Whimsy

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