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We help startups gain momentum

Startup growth consultancy, opening doors for traction and funding


What we do:

At Elpis Labs, we collaborate closely with corporate innovation departments and venture arms to source startups that meet their business needs. Over the past decade we invested in and worked with 600+ startups running startup accelerators at Starta VC, Techstars and CUNY.


We assist startups in gaining momentum by enhancing their business development efforts, facilitating strategic collaborations with Fortune 500 companies, and connecting them to relevant VCs at the Seed and Series A stages.

Business development

From Launch to Growth

We assist startups in launching effective go-to-market (GTM) strategies all the way through establishing product-market fit (PMF) and scaling. Our approach involves brainstorming strategies, running and refining outreach campaigns, building a robust B2B sales operations to scale

Building Strategic Alliances 

We focus on identifying opportunities for growth through strategic corporate connections that lead to partnerships and pilots. Our approach involves brainstorming strategies, matching startups with relevant opportunities, and guiding them through the entire process to ensure successful collaborations.

Corporate relationship strategy 


Expert Guidance Through Crucial Funding Stages

We guide startups through their PreSeed/Seed/Series A fundraising, from developing compelling pitch decks to securing meetings with the right investors. Our approach involves startup “packaging”, identifying and connecting to target investors and building a strong IR process to close the round.

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For over a decade, we worked with entrepreneurs helping them scale their startups in the US.

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78 questions VCs ask

We've curated a list of 78 essential questions that VCs might ask startups. It's crucial to have answers ready for these. You're welcome!

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