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Chipotle’s Ultimate Burrito Recipe

Doubling Down on Cultivate Next Venture Fund

In a bold move that marries culinary mastery Chipotle Mexican Grill has announced on February 2024 an additional $50 million investment into its Cultivate Next venture fund, bringing the fund's total to a robust $100 million. Cultivate Next underscores Chipotle's commitment to pioneering innovations that not only enhance its operations but also echo its mission to Cultivate a Better World.

With this significant capital infusion, Cultivate Next aims to reshape the landscape of the food industry by investing in startups that drive transformation in supply chains, agriculture, restaurant innovation, and automation. The fund strategically targets companies that align with Chipotle’s ethos of sustainability and exceptional culinary experiences, making it a critical instrument in accelerating Chipotle's ambitious growth plans to operate 7,000 restaurants across North America.

Empowering Innovations that Matter

Cultivate Next has shown a keen interest in a spectrum of innovative ventures.

These investments reflect Chipotle’s proactive approach to addressing the global demand for sustainable and healthy food options, a testament to its forward-thinking strategy.

Chipotle is not just investing in change; it's inviting it. The expansion of the Cultivate Next fund includes an open call to entrepreneurs worldwide, encouraging them to bring forward ideas that resonate with Chipotle’s vision of a better food future. This initiative not only fuels innovation but also opens up avenues for collaboration between Chipotle and visionary entrepreneurs, driving mutual growth and learning.

Cultivating a Better World, One Investment at a Time

As Cultivate Next progresses, it continues to embody the spirit of innovation that Chipotle champions. Each investment and partnership reflects a step towards realizing a sustainable, efficient, and enriching food ecosystem that benefits all—from the farmers and suppliers to the end consumers enjoying a burrito bowl in one of Chipotle’s outlets.


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