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Drive with style: Corporate play in the automobile segment

If you're building a startup in the automobile segment, it's essential to be aware of the venture arms of four of the world's leading automobile holdings that invest in startups. Here’s a concise guide to what each offers:

Porsche Ventures

At Porsche Ventures, we invest in the future of smart living and sustainability. Our portfolio spans blockchain, energy storage, and decarbonization, aiming to redefine automotive standards. We support our startups from early stages through growth, providing access not only to capital but also to our vast network and industry expertise. This collaboration unlocks valuable opportunities, propelling disruptive technologies into the market.

Toyota Ventures

Toyota Ventures is committed to exploring innovative technologies and business models, particularly in robotics, cloud technology, and smart cities. Our focus is on helping early-stage startups quickly bring disruptive solutions to market. By investing in areas like digital health and fintech, we provide entrepreneurs with the resources and ecosystem needed to succeed in today’s competitive landscape.

BMW i Ventures

Invests in technologies enhancing the automotive sector, including autonomous driving, electrification, AI and data, and sustainability. Assists startups with strategic networking, providing resources ranging from prototyping to marketing, and facilitating integration into the global market.

Each of these venture arms offers unique resources and strategic support tailored to foster innovation and growth in the automotive sector. They are excellent platforms for startups looking to make significant impacts in automotive technologies and services.


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