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Elpis Labs NYC Korean Startup Showcase

Most things worth it are worth waiting for. September 2023 has been a very exciting month! We have gained partnerships with Tech Seoul, Women in Tech, Fidelity Investments, and many others. In this blog post, you will read all about our Korean Startup Showcase to support Korean tech startups entering the global market.

In collaboration with Tech Seoul, we orchestrated the Korean Startup Showcase, a discerning platform highlighting three Korean deep-tech startups poised to engage and integrate within the entrepreneurial milieu of New York City.

Spanning September 20 and 21, the event featured targeted workshops encompassing market analysis, and communications strategies, and culminated in a competitive pitch contest, providing an immersive and educational experience for our esteemed participating companies. This endeavor signifies not merely an event but a strategic and impactful foray into the heart of New York's entrepreneurial ecosystem.

“The ‘NYC Korean Startup Showcase’, a program planned by Tech Seoul and prepared together with Elpis Labs and Starta VC, a representative VC in New York, is the most effective and fruitful program for Korean startups visiting New York. I am proud of this.”

— Thomas Park, CEO of Tech Seoul,

You can also read about it in KSValley post here 


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