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Elpis Labs Year-End Recap: Celebrating a Year of Innovation and Collaboration

Updated: Apr 18

As we approach the conclusion of an extraordinary year, Elpis Labs takes a moment to revisit the thrilling voyage of innovation and collaboration that has shaped our narrative in 2023. This year has unfolded with a series of remarkable events, meaningful partnerships, and invaluable connections, collectively enhancing our ecosystem.

October: Breaking Ground with Oracle

In October, Elpis Labs joined forces with Oracle to host an invigorating Innovation Challenge. Focused on Sales, Storytelling, and cutting-edge tech innovations tailored for Latin American startups, this event served as a melting pot for startups, Fortune 500 companies, and academia.

The outcome? A vibrant exchange of ideas that cultivated collaboration and knowledge sharing within the entrepreneurial community.

November: Global Presence at ETMDay and Web Summit

Our founder Anastasia Lykova attended Web Summit in Portugal, engaging with industry leaders, tech giants, and influential speakers. Simultaneously, our Head of Business Development, Veronica Olivares, represented Elpis Labs at ETMDay in Chile, fostering connections with Latin American startups. These experiences amplified our global footprint and elevated Elpis Labs onto the international stage.

September Highlights: A Trifecta of Collaboration

Tech Seoul Partnership

September marked a pivotal moment as Elpis Labs partnered with Tech Seoul, nurturing collaborations with innovative Korean startups. The Korean Startup Showcase in New York City demonstrated the potential of deep-tech startups, forging connections between Korean entrepreneurs and the dynamic New York entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Women in Tech Event

In collaboration with Women in Tech and Fidelity Investments, Elpis Labs hosted an event exploring the nuances of entrepreneurship. Our networking event delved into the question, "Is Entrepreneurship the right career choice for you?" Providing a valuable platform to share insights, connect with like-minded individuals, and support the entrepreneurial journey of others.

Fidelity Investments Innovation Challenge

Teaming up with Fidelity Investments, Elpis Labs embarked on an exhilarating innovation challenge. Fifteen brilliant minds, a mix of entrepreneurs and students, cracked the code of connecting startups with the right investors. The challenge showcased the dynamic synergy between visionaries and backers, resulting in three outstanding winners and setting the stage for future collaborations and groundbreaking ideas.

Innovation Challenges: A Catalyst for Startup Success

Amidst these thrilling events, it's crucial to underscore the transformative power of Innovation Challenges in propelling startups to new heights. These challenges ignite creativity, encourage collaboration, and solve real-world problems, contributing to the development of a culture of innovation within startups.

As we reflect on the achievements of the past months, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our partners, participants, and supporters for making these endeavors a resounding success. Looking ahead, we are enthusiastic about the possibilities that lie before us and the continued growth of our vibrant community.

Stay tuned for our upcoming Innovation Challenges, where opportunities for collaboration, learning, and growth abound. We are thrilled to have you on this journey with us.


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