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Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

Corporate play in the Health & Wellness industry

Big tech pushing the boundaries of health tech and life science

Sony innovation fund, Google Ventures, Samsung Next actively work with and invest in early stage startups digital health, medical technology, wellness and biotechnology.

Check out our cheat sheet to learn more about their focus

Focus: Google Ventures wants to change how healthcare is delivered, make more impactful drugs, and improve all aspects of people's access to care.

Started investing in healthcare in 2009 and look at everything through the lens of whether an investment will improve patient outcomes. They have backed therapeutics, diagnostics, medical devices, and health tech startups at the earliest stages.

Sweet Spot:   Seed to Series E

Investment Activity:

Offices: Silicon Valley, United States

Focus: Samsung Next invests in Wearables, sensors, and wellness data are being integrated into clinical environments, and producing data to deliver better health outcomes with more convenience and lower cost.

Sweet Spot:   Early Stage / Seed

Investment Activity:

Offices: Silicon Valley, United States

Focus: Sony Innovation Fund invests in Medical Devices, Digital Health such us 

telemedicine platforms, health data analytics, and AI-driven health applications, Biotechnology, Health IT, Preventive Health and wellness.

Sweet Spot:    Seed to Series A/B

Investment Activity:

Offices: Tokyo, Japan


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