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The Owners of Oreo, Milka, and Toblerone Changing Their Reputation

Updated: Apr 18

Why corporate-startup partnerships are the future of business innovation

In an era where innovation is the currency of success, the corporate world is witnessing a transformative shift. Mondelēz International, known for iconic brands like Oreo, Milka, and Toblerone, is steering a new course in its growth strategy. This change isn't just about expanding product lines or entering new markets; it's about fundamentally redefining their approach to innovation through corporate-startup partnerships.

A Strategic Shift for Sustained Innovation

This evolution from an innovation hub to a dedicated venture capital arm signals a broader trend among corporates to invest in startups. But why the shift? The answer lies in the mutual benefits that these partnerships can yield. Startups bring agility, innovation, and cutting-edge technologies to the table, while corporates offer scale, resources, and market access. It's a symbiotic relationship that promises to accelerate growth and innovation.

What makes a partnership between a corporate and a startup work? The secret is mutual commitment and a clear alignment of goals. Corporates bring scale, resources, and market access, while startups inject innovation, speed, and technological prowess. This symbiosis, however, demands navigating cultural differences and aligning KPIs to ensure both parties are moving in concert towards shared objectives.

The Rise of SnackFutures Ventures

Under the spotlight is Mondelēz's recently unveiled corporate VC, SnackFutures Ventures. As a strategic move to double down on investments in growth-stage companies, SnackFutures signifies a leap towards embracing the disruptors of tomorrow.

Snackfuture ventures successful case of investment:

  • Celleste Bio is a company focused on producing high quality and high value cocoa ingredients using cell culture methods, eliminating the dependence on cultivation of cocoa trees.

  • Torr Food Tech that leverages its proprietary iWeld™ technology to replace unhealthy binders such as added sugar in snacks.

This approach not only diversifies Mondelēz’s innovation pipeline but also signals a broader shift in how corporates view and value startup collaborations.

Looking Ahead

Moving forward, the journey for both corporations and startups, though filled with hurdles, is rich with possibilities. As companies like Mondelēz dive into the vibrant world of startups, their aim is clear: to build partnerships based on real value that go beyond the usual limits of business. Their ultimate mission? To cultivate a space where groundbreaking innovations are born from collaboration. This vision sets the stage for a future where breakthroughs are not solitary achievements but the result of collective effort and shared vision, signaling a new era where the most transformative ideas emerge from the power of partnership.


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