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Women in Tech + Elpis Labs

Exciting news! In September 2023 we've partnered with Fidelity Investments, Tech Seoul, Women In Tech, and more!

We have a lot to catch you up on, so in this blog post, you will read about our event with Women in Tech were we had an amazing panel of experts talking about the glamour and the grit of being a founder.

Last September 22, we held a networking event together with Women In Tech about "Is Entrepreneurship the right career choice for you?". 

During this event, we shared with the participants valuable insights about the unique qualities of successful entrepreneurs, gleaned insights from accomplished professionals, and equipped ourselves with practical strategies to navigate challenges. We are always pleased to participate in and promote spaces in which we can support others’ entrepreneurial journey, connect with like-minded individuals, and explore avenues for collaboration and personal growth.

Born in late 2022, Elpis, named after the Greek goddess of hope, is a sister program to Starta VC. Our focus is on international founders, ensuring a percentage of female founders participate. Unlike traditional accelerators, we collaborate with governments and corporations, offering two unique programs: innovation challenges connecting students and founders with real-world corporation problems, and a flexible hybrid program for founders with unique schedules.


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