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Cracking the Code: CVC Insights from Cencosud, Nvidia, and OLR 🚀

Updated: Apr 18

Startup founders always ask about the quickest way to get to a pilot, and we believe that an intro to a good CVC or a corporate innovation team can make all the difference! But while there's a lot of info out there on approaching VCs and angels, CVCs are still quite a mystery to many.

CVC's are all about finding the right talent and shaping a unique business model. Unlike regular VC's, they're not on a unicorn hunt; their goal is to strengthen corporations, with a few exceptions.

So, to quick off 2024, we teamed up with Oracle to shed some light on this topic with industry giants—Cencosud, Nvidia, and OLR. Here are the main points each of them provided.

Cencosud: Unleashing Retail Revolution 🌟

Cencosud swears by attracting startup-savvy talent for game-changing business models. It's all about resilience and consumer relevance through innovation.

Their investment mantra? Building deep relationships through strategic investments, capital only where there's a real need for scaling.

Innovation is more than a buzzword—it's a strategic necessity. Retail-centric tech steals the show, no distractions allowed.

Nvidia: Tech Evolution & Startup Allies 🤝🏼

Nvidia's magic? Skip in-house development; back startups leveraging their tech. Keep leveling up hardware and software platforms for an ever-evolving landscape.

It's not just about investing; it's about early access. Nvidia plays mentor, nurturing a community of innovation.

OLR: Strategic Moves & Problem-Solving Havens 🌐

OLR's focus? Strategic connections with the right retailers. It's not just funding; it's strategic synergy.

Obsessed with solving a specific problem? OLR is all in. Founders aligned with real-world solutions.

For us, getting funding meant finding the perfect retailer. The crucial part was locating the right partner for business growth.

The Bottom Line 🔥

Success for a CVC means being profitable and growing profits consistently. Managing expectations is crucial, understanding the goals and timelines. Some CVCs evaluate startups based on the return they'll get, avoiding risky investments in projects that might not pay off.

In this ever-changing landscape, CVCs aren't just about making money; they're about creating a dynamic environment that fosters innovation, manages risks, and ensures corporations stay relevant in the face of evolving technology.

However, having a CVC unit doesn't guarantee success; it's all about creating a culture that encourages taking risks. Establishing a supportive environment that provides a space for experimentation. Take smart risks to stay ahead.

Ready to crack the code to startup success? Join our network and uncover the path to your next breakthrough!


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