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Hydrogen Built: Cemex concrete conTech

Concrete Innovation

As we stride further into the 21st century, the construction industry is undergoing a profound transformation, thanks to ConTech. Standing at the intersection of technology and traditional construction practices, Construction Technology (ConTech) is not just an option but a necessity, aimed at enhancing efficiency, productivity, and safety across the industry. From the deployment of drones for aerial site surveys to the application of robotics for automated tasks, ConTech is setting new benchmarks for how structures come to life.

About Cemex Ventures

Cemex, a global leader in the building materials industry, has embraced this wave of innovation through Cemex Ventures, its corporate venture capital and open innovation unit. Launched in 2017, Cemex Ventures has not only observed but also actively participated in the construction revolution, engaging with startups, entrepreneurs, and other key players to drive forward-thinking solutions in sustainability and productivity.

Strategic Investment in HiiROC

In a recent groundbreaking move, Cemex Ventures increased its stake in HiiROC, a pioneering startup specializing in low-cost, zero-emission hydrogen production. This decision aligns perfectly with the broader industry's pivot towards green construction methodologies. HiiROC, based in the UK, has developed a revolutionary thermal plasma electrolysis technology, which not only produces hydrogen but also generates carbon black as a by-product, further pushing the envelope in sustainable practices.

The implications of integrating HiiROC’s technology are vast. Hydrogen serves as a potent alternative to fossil fuels, particularly within the cement sector, where it can drastically reduce CO2 emissions. Cemex's plan to deploy HiiROC's technology across its operations is a testament to its commitment to sustainability. Starting with its major cement plant in Rugby, United Kingdom, Cemex aims to enhance hydrogen injection capabilities, which is a stride towards achieving its ambitious goal of becoming a net-zero CO2 company by 2050.

The Impact of Cemex's Initiatives

This strategic investment not only underscores Cemex's dedication to innovation but also reflects its proactive approach in addressing climate change. By betting on technologies like those developed by HiiROC, Cemex is not just investing in its future but also shaping the future of the entire construction industry.

The move is timely as the world, recently convened at COP28, looks towards more concrete actions (pun intended) from both governmental and private sectors to tackle global warming and reduce carbon footprints. Cemex Ventures stands out as a beacon of progress, demonstrating how corporate venture capital can be a powerful force for technological adoption and environmental stewardship in construction.


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